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Vampire Diaries' Ian says 'Give Damon some love'

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in The Vampire Diaries on TV2

Wickedly handsome Damon may have your love but the actor who plays him has revealed in a recent interview he's regularly pleads with producers to "Give Damon some love!"

Ian Somerhalder is fed up that Stefan is the one getting all the love from Elena and Katherine.

The actor sat down for a chat with E! Online where he shared some juicy revelations about the show and talked about cool his fans are.

Ian confirmed rumours that two characters will hook up in a cave. We can't reveal just who but it's fair to say that things are very getting complicated in Mystic Falls now Katherine is back and causing trouble.

He also dropped a few more hints of what's to come in series two.

"There's some big bad dudes coming to Mystic Falls," he admits and that there will be "some odd strategic alliances...It's gonna be cool&"

Ian has nothing but praise for his fans, saying he thinks the hype around the show is great, "it's crazy, it's awesome..."

He joked that he has to wear cotton buds in his ears to protect from screaming Vampire Diaries fans and also revealed that he regularly gets marriage proposals from fans on Twitter. 

If you'd like to watch the video interview (and who wouldn't) visit the E! Online website, while marriage proposals can be directed to @iansomerhalder on Twitter.


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