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Katherine returns to The Vampire Diaries....

Kat is definitely out of the bag in The Vampire Diaries.

Kevin Williamson talked to E News! about what to expect now the Salvatore brothers maker, Katherine, is back in Mystic Falls.

He told E News! having the big bad beyotch back in town is "a bit of a game changer for the show," and that the new season will revolve around how Katherine's return effects Stefan and Damon.

So how is Katherine different from how she was in 1864?

According to Kevin, she's a lot meaner. "She's different, in the sense that she doesn't have to wear corsets anymore. I'm scared to say because it will tease where she's been. What she's been up to is a bit of a secret," he admits.

According to Williamson, season two will fill in the story we're already learnt from the first season.

He says, "There's so much to still know about 1864. What happened? Why wasn't Katherine in the tomb? How did she escape? Where did she go? There's all those fun questions that we're going to explore..."

We can't wait to see the drama that will unfold as our favourite love triangle becomes an even more complicated square!

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