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First look at season five of The Vampire Diaries

Prepare for big changes on the way in season five of The Vampire Diaries!

When we last left Mystic Falls  Elena had committed to relationship with Damon (yus!), Bonnie brought Jeremy back from the dead (yay!) but it cost her own life (sniff), Klaus left Caroline with the promise that Tyler could come back to Mystic Falls, and Stefan was trapped in a box and thrown into a lake by Silas who revealled that Stefan was HIS doppleganger! (Nooooo!!!) 

As we pick up in season five, Elena and Caroline are starting college with Damon and Elena in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and blissfully unware of Stefan's nasty fate. But will college life throw a spanner in the works for the loved up couple?

Candice Accola hinted at Comic Con that the girls may find the social side of college life distracting.  

“They could be making some new friends in college," she teased. "There are men in college. Some of them might be attractive."

And some of those attractive new faces may also be hiding dangeours secrets. According to TV Guide, Elena and Caroline encounter a handsome yet mysterious professor, Dr Maxfield, who quickly comes under suspicion.

There will also be some big questions still to answer as Silas returns to town, masquerading as Stefan, Bonnie and Jeremy navigate life (and love) after death and Katherine struggles to cope with life as a human.   

Take a look at what's coming up in the season five premiere of The Vampire Diaries:

Aww, look how excited and happy they look to be at college. With Mystic Falls’ high mortality rate, it was always touch and go whether the gang would all make it out of high school alive. Unfortunately poor Bonnie didn't...


With the Gilbert house burnt to the ground in season four, Jeremy is forced to live with Damon now he's back from the dead. Awkward!

Damon and Elena are finally happy together but with Elena away at college and Silas hiding in their midst, how long will the good times last?

With poor Stefan trapped at the bottom of a lake, Silas is taking advantage of his absence to cosy up to a newly human Katherine. Silatherine? Katilas? Get your new shipper tags in now!


Bonnie might be dead but that won't kill off her relationship with Jeremy. For now. 



 These college vampires are ready to PARTY!