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What does the future hold for Bonnie and Jeremy?

The Vamprie Diaries on TV2

Bonnie sacrificed herself to bring Jeremy back from the dead and now they face an uncertain future with Bonnie now a ghost stuck on the Other Side.

So how will Bonnie and Jeremy be able to keep their love alive?

In new video interviews, Kat Graham and Steven R. McQueen teased what might be ahead for the couple.

“Bonnie’s relationship with Jeremy definitely evolves,” Kat Graham explains. “There’s going to be some development there.”

She points out that of all TVD romances, Bonnie and Jeremy are the one couple who have lasted the distance, even after death.

“It’s one of the longest bonds that have been made on the show,” she says. “It’s really interesting.”

In her interview, Kat also dishes the dirt on what the cast get up to during hiatus.

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Meanwhile Steven R. McQueen says he believes Jeremy will remain committed to Bonnie, despite being physically separated by death.

“When someone sacrifices their life to save you, I think that’s where your heart is,” he explains.

For more watch Steven's interview below: