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The Sopranos

S5 Episode 5: Irregular Around The Margins

Screened Monday June 28th

Tony runs into Meadow while both are partying at the Crazy Horse. It's an awkward moment for both of them. Tony explains that he has an office there.

Tony then leaves to meet with some associates.

Adrianna observes to her FBI contact Robyn that he's spending a lot of time at her club Crazy Horse. Robyn asks if it might be because of her, and Adrianna shrugs it off. Adrianna suddenly needs to go to the bathroom really bad.
Tony is at the doctor getting a potentially cancerous mole cut off his forehead.

At the doctor, Adrianna is diagnosed as having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

At the Sopranos household, Tony lies to Carmella about his forehead growth.

At their apartment, Adrianna tells Chris about her medical problem, and that she might have to go on Prosac. They discuss the war in Iraq.

At Crazy Horse, Tony talks to Adrianna in the back room. She tells him about her IBS. He tells her about his growth. She complains about Christopher's lack of understanding. Tony asks her not to tell anyone about the cancer thing.

Outside his apartment, Chris prepares to leave on a "business" trip.

Tony walks in on Adrianna snorting coke in the backroom at Crazy Horse. He joins her. They talk about Christopher, and how she can drink now with sober Chris out of town. She admits she was scared of Tony when she first met him. They talk and play darts.

There is an obvious tension in the air, just as they seem like they're about to kiss, someone knocks loudly on the door. It's Phil Leotardo and his right hand man Joe, who killed Lorraine last episode.

At Dr. Melfi's office, Tony goes in for his first session in some time. He thanks her for taking his appointment, and says he regrets "what he did" (coming on to her). He talks about his attraction to Adriana, how something could've happened.

Dr. Melfi observes that it's a big step talking about this impulse before acting on it. They talk about establishing limits with Adrianna. Dr. Melfi relates the situation to Tony coming on to her.

Adrianna meets with Robyn and tells him about the Tony situation. Robyn encourages her to pursue the relationship. Back at the FBI office, the agents scoff about Adrianna's attraction to him.

Tony arrives at Crazy Horse for a meeting and greets Adrianna. Later on, when the club is empty, they hang out and eventually decide to go get some coke together.  Adrianna knows a guy.
Driving out to get coke get, they get in a car accident. Tony is fine, but Adrianna is bruised and in a neck brace. They agree to not keep Christopher in the dark about what happened.

Chris makes his delivery, and the guys he meets tell him about the accident, and that Tony was in the car.

Chris drives Adrianna home and asks what she was doing in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere with Tony. She says they were going to get something to eat and that it was entirely innocent. Chris doesn't believe her, and is mega mad.

Chris sees Tony and Tony tries to reassure him about what happened. Chris doesn't believe him either. Tony tells Chris Adrianna is above him anyway, and he should be grateful he has her at all.

A montage shows the Sopranos crew gossiping about what happened, spreading the false rumour that Adrianna was er, "pleasuring" Tony at the time of the accident.

Chris walks in on some of the guys laughing about it, and gets all mad and throws his sandwich at Vito.

Chris arrives home and starts strangling Adrianna, having heard the rumour. The argue violently and Adrianna admits she was scoring coke, but that's it. He says that everybody knows about it - and then he beats her and kicks her out. He then gets some vodka out of the freezer and knocks it back.

Tony B arrives at Tony S' place saying they need to talk. He tells him about how Chris has fallen off the wagon and kicked Adrianna out. He says how Christopher is no gunning for Tony S.

Tony S brings AJ back to the Soprano household in case Christopher comes over. Carmella has heard the rumour and is disgusted. Tony denies it to her. They argue. Tony leaves.

Chris turns up at the Bing with a gun and a bottle, drunk and enraged. He shoots Tony's parked car repeatedly.

He comes into the Bing with the gun and is taken down by the bouncers. Tony and the crew drive him out to a deserted road. Tony kicks Chris in the face. Chris accuses him again of getting with Adrianna. Tony pulls his gun out looks like he's about to shoot him.

Tony B intervenes and says they can take care of this another way. They drive to the hospital and talk to the emergency room doctor, and with Tony B's help, the doctor confirms that Adrianna's injuries are consistent with someone who was wearing their seatbelt, so she couldn't have been pleasuring Tony at the time.

Chris begrudgingly admits he now believes Tony. Chris also says it doesn't make any difference at this point now anyway, because people think Tony and Adrianna did it.

At Dr. Melfi's office, Tony admits he might as well have done it because that's what people think anyway.

At the Soprano household, Tony asks Carmella to go out for dinner with him and Adrianna and Christopher to show that all is well. He repeatedly tries to convince her that he didn't do anything with Adrianna. Carmella reluctantly.

A beaten Adrianna meets with Robyn. She denies a relationship with Tony.

Adrianna, Chrisopher, Tony and Carmella dine at Vesuvios in full view of the whole crew. Vito comes over and greets Tony and Christopher.