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The Sopranos

S5 Episode 13: All Due Respect

Screened Monday August 30

Phil Leotardo and Johnny Sack view Phil's dead brother Billy in the morgue.

Phil is still looking for revenge for Tony B. shooting him and killing his brother, Billy.

As Tony B is nowhere to be found (he's still hiding out in a shack on one of Tony's cousin's property), Phil is willing to take his revenge out on another relative of Tony's - Christopher. Chris is hiding out at his mother's and Phil and a friend arrive looking for him, but don't make it inside after threatening Chris' mother.

At the Soprano household, Tony and Carmella discuss their concern over AJ's future. They worry they have spoilt him - but Meadow's self-reliance negates this fact. Carmella looks over the plans for the house she is building on the property that Tony helped her buy.

Carmella calls Chris and enquires about Adrianna's disappearance - Chris makes up a story about them breaking up and her moving out abruptly. She's tells him there's other fish in the sea.

Raymond, the aging captain who flipped ages ago, meets with his FBI contact who asks him about Adrianna - Raymond doesn't know anything.

Raymond then attends his birthday celebration with the other captains, who toast him. They discuss how Phil is looking for Chris' head to substitute Tony B., which leads on to how the situation with Johnny Sack, Phil and Tony is becoming increasingly bad for all of their businesses.

Tony walks in and makes a short speech about his cousin - he says he is disappointed in his cousin, but says that as Phil will torture him if he finds him, he's not gonna give him up. He asks them to support Chris.

Arriving home, Carmella asks him about Chris. She mentions how Adrianna was about to tell her and the girls something at movie night, but pulled out at the last minute. Carmella says she thinks Adrianna might have been seeing someone, but there is a hint of self-deception in her voice.

She later discusses it with Tony, who says he didn't know Chris and her had broken up.

Silvio meets with Chris and gives him money, Chris moans about the favouritism Tony shows Tony B, and Silvio reminds him about all that Tony's done for him.

At the Bing, Silvio has a serious talk with Tony about Tony B. With the "All due respect" prefix, he breaks it down that the only reason Tony isn't giving up his cousin is because he doesn't wanna bow down to Johnny Sack. Tony listens, but isn't impressed and tells Silvio he has no idea.
At the Crazy Horse club, Phil runs into Chris' friend (and Tony's former driver) Benny Fazio, asks him where Tony B is, then beats the living crap out of him, putting him in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Tony visits Benny in the hospital where he is greeted with disapproving looks from the other guys there, who discuss the situation further after Tony leaves

Tony visits Uncle Junior and seeks his council over the situation, but Junior is far too concerned with sending a fruit basket to his ailing lawyer. He seems to be losing it too.

The other captains are getting increasingly impatient with Tony's protection of Tony B, which continues to thwart their business dealings.

Tony visits Dr. Melfi and they discusses his cousin. She helps him to realise that his protection of Tony B. stems primarily from his feelings of guilt over Tony B. getting busted (caused indirectly by Tony's first fainting spell), and less from actual genuine affection.

AJ and his friend host a party where kids pay to get in and partake in a keg. A fight breaks out over people sneaking in, and AJ enjoys observing.

Tony calls Johnny Sack  - but hangs up before he says anything.

Tony visits Paulie to talk about his beefs, and notices the painting on his wall of Tony and his horse which he asked Paulie to burn. Tony is incensed, and takes the painting, dumping it in a garbage bin.

Tony B returns to his hiding spot with groceries - just as he is about to enter, Tony steps out and blows him away with a shotgun. He then calls Johnny Sack and tells him where he can find Tony B. Phil goes out there and finds Tony B's dead body.

Johnny Sack calls Tony and tells him this hasn't solved a thing. Tony offers a financial offering to Phil. They agree to meet at Johnny Sack's house early the next morning to talk.

Tony visits Christopher, who is still in hiding. Tony tells him he needs to go get Tony B's body and bury it. They talk about Adrianna a little too, and Chris confirms that she knew nothing (so she couldn't have told the FBI) about the heavy shit Tony and Chris got up to. Chris sees he's gonna prove himself to Tony. They hug.

Carmella hassles AJ about his college applications. She and Tony say they're withholding his allowance until he does it. AJ responds that he made $300 from the party he put on. In private, Tony and Carmella are actually impressed by this, and they discuss event planning as a potential future career for AJ, something he'd discussed with his college advisor once.

Tony meets with John at his house the next morning, and they eventually come to a financial truce re: Phil and their dealings. Just as they shake hands, and John tells Tony it's good seeing him again, men with guns come over the hill in the background. Tony, thinking he's about to be whacked, makes run for it. After trudging on foot through snowy New Jersey, he calls his lawyer - it was the feds coming to arrest Johnny Sack based on info from Brooklyn mobster Jimmy Petrille, and they had no interest in Tony.

In one fell swoop, seemingly all of Tony's problems are solved.

He walks home and climbs into his own property over the fence, just like the bear in episode one. Carmella opens the kitchen door to him, asking what happened

Season over.