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The Sopranos

Recent reviews on Season Six

As fans will be aware of, The Sopranos final went to air in the US amidst much controversy in early June this year.

Speculation has been abound as to how the Final Season will draw out and conclude since 2005 when the show was commissioned by HBO.

Particular emphasis was aroused over the fate of our favourite Mob Boss Tony Soprano, and what will become of his dysfunctional Italian-American family.

An Entertainment Weekly article speculates on what's in store for viewers (click here to view), and popular entertainment site follows suit (click here to view ).

New York Times published an entertaining interview with series producer, writer and director, David Chase, in regards to the show's finality (click here to view), and ABC reports on a great session with the woman of The Sopranos (click here to view ).

Don't worry, we're not about to give anything away. All of these articles were published before episodes were screened!