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The Sopranos

Anthony Soprano, Jr.

Played by Robert Iler

Tony's second born and namesake, Anthony, Junior is capable of causing his father more grief than the FBI. A.J. is lousy high school student, a Nintendo devotee whose greatest talent is pushing his parents' buttons.

Some highlights: he crashed Carmela's car while driving without a license; got caught smoking pot at his confirmation party; skimmed Nietzsche and Camus and declared life meaningless; went to gym class drunk on stolen Communion wine; broke into the school and vandalized the swimming pool; and, finally, was expelled for cheating on a geometry test.

After his expulsion, A.J. was enrolled in the Hudson Military Institute, a strict boarding school where there's no television and the day starts at 05:30. But when A.J. passed out while trying on his new uniform, it was discovered that he suffers anxiety attacks - the same malady suffered by his father and grandfather. As a result, his internment at military school was cancelled.

If A.J. were capable of following in his father's footsteps, his difficulties might not be a problem - after all, Tony was no scholar. But Tony has always been tough, resourceful and street smart; A.J. isn't. He's basically an average kid, who, like many his age, is trying to cope with his parents' recent separation. Unlike his peers, however, he's also trying to cope with the fact his dad kills people.