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Who Are The Tutors?

Our expert tutors will be tasked with coaching and testing our students so they are fully prepared to do battle when they graduate from 'The School of Home Truths'.

Psychology - Dr Marc Wilson
Popular lecturer in Psychology at Victoria University Dr Marc is no ordinary psychology expert.  Known for his novel approaches to his subject he has a number of areas of special interest including consumer psychology.

Finance - Martin Hawes
Martin Hawes is one of New Zealand's most highly respected financial advisors.   He is author of the definitive best-seller, "Family Trusts".  Martin's other books include: Property Investments: A Strategy for Success (revised 2006), Family Trusts: A New Zealand Guide (revised 2006), Financial Secrets: The New Zealand Guide to Everyday Finances (revised 2007), Managing Family Trusts: - 2004, Tax in New Zealand: A Practical Guide for Small Businesses, Investors and the Self Employed (revised 2005)

Real Estate - Neil Jenman
Who better to reveal the tricks of the trade than a former real estate agent turned industry critic.  Neil has trained and worked as an agent for many years, his son is an agent today. He is the champion of ethics based real estate and the author of a number of best selling books on the traps and pitfalls of buying and selling.