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The School Of Home Truths

The Buyers and the Sellers

The buyers:
, smart and savvy, is inclined to speak her mind and give too much away. Janet wants the tactical skills she'll need to get a good deal.

Jason and Lynn - need a 100% mortgage or family help and they are determined not to take a location hit and start somewhere out of town.

Jonathan and Kevin want an apartment which is a risky purchase amidst the leaky building problem and falling values of many inner city developments.

Louise is a sole parent of 5 year old twins, but with very little money she is determined to make it work. But her choices are very limited she's finding house hunting a depressing process.

Mark and Marion want to buy and home and start a family at the same time.  Life on one income with a child and a mortgage is a huge challenge and a bad decision could cripple them for years.

The sellers:
is selling a home for the first time.  She has no idea what the tricks of the trade might be and worries that her naivety will set her up for failure.

John is a very successful businessman who is determined to get the best deal and will do whatever it takes to succeed. John's palatial home is up for sale and an agent stands to make $30,000 in commission.

Kim owns an apartment in a very desirable part of town. She wants top price, she's tried to sell it before and failed, now she's desperate to sell. 

Michelle and Martin and their 2 kids are a typical kiwi family living in an ex state house in a suburb with good schools and rising values. They are first time sellers who have already tried to sell their home and failed, making the classic mistakes so many home sellers make.