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The Politically Incorrect Guide To Grownups


About The Politically Incorrect Guide to Grown-Ups

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Grown-Ups on TV ONE

We've done the kids and the teenagers. But what about adults? It's not as if being a grown-up is a breeze. We could do with a bit of advice as well.

A third instalment of the hugely successful Politically Incorrect Guide series, TV ONE's The Politically Incorrect Guide to Grown Ups, presented by psychologist Nigel Latta, takes us on an investigation of adult life. Nigel explores the complexities of being a grown up - from the biggies- relationships, careers, money, family dynamics, arguments, self-improvement, growing old, and spirituality to the others - television, bad haircuts, health fads and being cool.

In the process, Nigel will provide some common-sense answers to the trials and tribulations that bedevil adult life.

Once again a central focal point will be Nigel's popular stage show - combined with animations, sketches, parodies, field stories, vignettes and archive.  The field stories follow Nigel's journey of exploration to find information on what people do to navigate their way through adult life.

 "We've all felt bonkers... and there's nothing wrong with that, but it makes your life a lot easier if you realise everyone else is as well!"  Nigel Latta