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About the marketing campaign

TVNZ's marketing campaign highlighting the new television series The Pacific, which features in direct mail letters, ad shells and on billboards throughout the country, uses genuine letters from the Pacific war.

TVNZ wanted this marketing campaign to portray the reality of war accurately and to honour the legacy of the men who fought, not by glamorising it but by accurately reflecting their war experiences.

We have permission to use the letters in the campaign from the writers and their families as well as the Navy. In fact, the family of the young man whose letter to his mother was used in the direct mail campaign has specified that it should not be changed in any way.

These authentic letters bring home the truth of the experience of war. This is an important piece of history brilliantly presented through this television production.

We hope that the marketing campaign will attract as much attention as possible so that New Zealanders have an opportunity to reflect on a part of World War II, closer to home, that has not previously been given the same coverage as other theatres of war.

We'd like to say a big thank-you to all the people who gave us permission to use the letters. In particular...

Larry Berman

RNZN Navy Museum