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The Oc

Episode Two: The Way We Were

On the next episode, screening Friday February 18 at 8.30pm:

The Way We Were

Summer is over, school is in session, and Seth and Ryan are hoping to win back the attention they once had from Summer and Marissa.

But Summer's got a new boyfriend, and Marissa's been getting friendly with her gardner. Everyone gets to know each other at the summer carnival.

With opportunity beckoning, Hailey tells Jimmy about her plans to move in order to pursue her unfulfilled fashion ambitions. Hoping to keep her near, Jimmy does something unimaginable.

Meanwhile, Sandy explains to Julie that the district attorney is keeping a close watch on Caleb, and without representation, he might be in for a confrontation.

Julie threatens Sandy to do something about Caleb's messy situation or face her wrath.

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