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The Mysteries Of Laura


There's something about Debra

Debra Messing returns to our screens in The Mysteries Of Laura.

Laura Diamond is a bad-ass detective that somehow manages to keep it all together – just! We’re already obsessed with Laura and she’s one of our fave TV roles from Debra’s long career.

There’s a whole lotta laughs in The Mysteries Of Laura – and we all know Debra Messing can bring those. But before you fall in love with Laura, take a trip down memory lane with some of Debra Messing’s classic TV characters.


Stacey (Ned & Stacey, 1995-1997)

Messing played the title character of Stacey for the shows two seasons in the 1990s. Stacey and Ned had married for convenience – Ned needed to be married for a promotion and Stacey needed stability and a place to call home - and their constant bickering was a source of much of the comedy.

Over time the couple began to develop feelings for each other, but alas the will-they, won’t-they wasn’t to be, as the show was cancelled after two seasons.

Bonus points for the big hair and the 90s fashions!



Molly Kagan (The Starter Wife, 2008)

In The Starter Wife, Messing played Molly Kagan, the ex-wife of a movie studio executive. As Molly tried to navigate her newly-found status as a single mother in the wacky world of Hollywood, the show was all about glitz and glamour.

From the dream sequences to, starring ‘Molly’ recreating iconic Hollywood roles to Molly’s gang – Joan, Liz and Rodney, The Starter Wife is a bit of a TV gem.

And Hollywood agreed – Messing was nominated for an Emmy and two Golden Globes for her performance.


Julia Houston (Smash, 2012-2013)

Julia Houston was a Broadway writer trying to get her new show – Bombshell, a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe – from the script to the stage, in musical-drama Smash!

If the pressures of this weren’t enough, Messing’s character also had to navigate a marriage on the brink, a former lover keen to rekindle the flames of passion, the egos of her team – both on and off-stage and savage reviews.

Fun fact: despite her character not being one of the cast members, Messing performed three songs during the run of the show.


Grace (Will & Grace, 1998-2006)

Undoubtedly the role that Messing is best known for, Will & Grace had television audiences across the globe crying with laughter for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006.

Grace was often the butt of the jokes from all around her – and Messing’s comedic timing made this even funnier!

The lives of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen kept the laughs coming and the show won a whopping 16 Emmys, including a Best Actress award for Messing.