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The Mysteries Of Laura


The Mysteries Of Laura case file

Here’s the dossier on who’s who - at the precinct and at home - and how they fit into the world of TV2’s newest dramedy The Mysteries Of Laura (Mondays at 8.30pm on TV).


Name: Laura Diamond

Occupation: Detective - and mother to twin boys

Laura’s a detective who is always one step ahead of her suspects. Often seen eating on the run – and not one to turn down a drink… but don’t be fooled.

She’s cool under pressure – at work at least – and her frazzled appearance hides a sophisticated lady. Her attention to detail and stellar hunches always pays off with an arrest.

Like many women, she’s juggling her career with her family life – and as a mother to twin boys who are a handful (or two) she’s often cranking out her police skills at home… though her sons aren’t as easy to handle as her perps!

Manoeuvring pre-school politics, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jake and some prickly personalities at the precinct, will Laura keep it together?


Name: Jake Broderick

Occupation: Police Lieutenant - and Laura’s ex-husband

Jake might be a more senior ranking official in the police force, but he’s a rookie when it comes to parenting. The kind of guy who wants to be the ‘fun dad’, he’s more likely to bring home toy weapons for the twins than bring the discipline.

After cheating on Laura, she’s filed for divorce, but Jake might not be ready to give up on his family just yet.

A rogue charmer and police lieutenant, he’s always upbeat but often unavailable due to his "police work" - something that is about to really complicate things.


Name: Billy Soto

Occupation: Detective - and Laura’s work partner

Billy is a good cop with a good heart who is not afraid to run down a suspect or use his good looks to get information.

He knows Laura inside-out which means he knows how to keep her out of trouble. He’s great with Laura’s kids and an all-round good guy.



Name: Meredith Bose

Occupation: Detective – and Laura’s rival

Meredith is about as uptight as they come. She’s a good girl – they kind of girl who is meticulous when it comes to rules and always wants to be top of the class.

Rubbing everyone in the precinct up the wrong way is Meredith’s speciality and she treats junior staff like her personal assistants.

As someone who always does things strictly by the book, Meredith doesn't understand how Laura’s haphazard approach always seems gets the perp… and the accolades that come with that.


Name: Max Carnegie

Occupation: Investigative Aide – and Laura’s go-to guy

Max is Laura’s super smart and resourceful investigative aide. He might not be ready to go out into the field, but it’s Max that’s steering the ship back at the precinct.

Resourceful and proactive, he may be the only one who can keep up with Laura’s pace when it comes to investigations.

He’s also handy as makeshift babysitter when Laura’s situation means she has to a regular day into “bring your kids to work day”!


Name: Nicholas and Harrison Broderick

Occupation: Laura and Jake’s sons – aka “the devils”

These boys are out of control and boy does Laura know it. Terrorising teachers and running riot, these boys might be young, but they can run rings around Laura in a way her suspects never could.

But behind the rambunctious exterior are two little boys who think they have the “best Mommy in the whole world”.