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The Mentalist

Tuesdays at 8.30pm | TV ONE

Patrick Jane

Played by Simon Baker, Patrick Jane is an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation. While not an officer of the law, Jane possesses almost otherworldly skills from a past which involved being raised by his father as a carnival psychic, and in later years masquerading as a very successful yet fraudulent psychic medium.

With these abilities Jane helps the CBI team to solve murders, yet his one true goal is to track down a killer known as Red John, a person responsible for the brutal deaths of his wife and daughter.

Because of this, Patrick Jane holds Red John's apprehension or death far above his own life. And, infiltrating the CBI by helping them means that Jane has access to all the information on his mortal enemy he could possibly desire.

With abilities ranging from cold reading and hypnosis, to pickpocketing and extremely powerful obersavtion, The Mentalist follows the story of Patrick Jane as he tries to enact revenge for his brutally slain wife and daughter.