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The Mentalist

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Kimball Cho

Tim Kang stars in TV ONE's The Mentalist as Kimball Cho

Tim Kang plays Kimball Cho in The Mentalist, a special agent with the California Bureau of Investigation and a member of Teresa Lisbon's serious crime unit.

Dry and deadpan, Cho serves as the polar opposite to Patrick Jane despite the fact that he is keen to learn more from Jane's powers of obeservation.

He has a chequered past, his youth spent as a member of a street gang which ended up leading to a juvenile record and time spent in juvenile hall. In addition to that, Cho also was a hopeful baseball player, and served in the special forces for the US Army before becoming a police officer.

Cho is cool and collected, hence the nickname Iceman he received while in the Avon Park Playboys gang as a kid, and often tries to help the wayward youth he runs into.