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A cat and mouse game for The Mentalist

Simon Baker stars in The Mentalist on TV2

In Season 4’s finale, The Crimson Hat, a defeated and disheartened Patrick Jane hit rock bottom, capturing the attention of his nemesis Red John. At a low point, Jane went to extreme lengths to manipulate Red John follower Lorelei Martins in a bid to capture the man who killed his wife and daughter.

The newest season of The Mentalist exploits this new link to Red John and showcases a different side to Jane.

So what can we expect in Season 5?

One thing for sure is we can expect a little less of the slick, well-groomed Jane and a lot more raw and abrupt behaviour as he continues his pursuit of Red John.

In an interview with EW, Simon Baker says the crime-fighting genius is on an interesting journey this season, “It feels to me a little bit that, here’s a guy who is likeable and empathetic” he said. “And he’s slowly turning to the dark side and [becoming] maybe less empathetic.”

A catalyst in Jane’s questionable decision making is the injection of cocktail waitress/femme fatale Lorelei Martins. Rarely does an accomplice of Red John stick around, but Lorelei’s flirtatious relationship with Jane offers plenty of drama to come.

Executive Producer Bruno Heller chimes in on Red John’s latest disciple telling EW, “Lorelei will be sticking around for a while.” She has something Jane wants, but how deep is he willing to dig? It’s sure to be an interesting development.

The Mentalist fans may end up questioning Jane’s actions this season too. For instance, how much of his attraction to Lorelei is real, and how much of it is pure manipulation as both characters playfully push back and forth...?

Heller adds, “just because they’re now technically adversaries doesn’t mean Jane and Lorelei aren’t still attracted to each other. We’ll keep playing that. She is hard to dislike.”  Lisbon is sure to have something to say about that!

Tensions are also about to rise between CBI and the FBI after it’s revealed there’s an informant working in the FBI under Red John’s orders.

Talking to TV Guide, Heller says one of the new FBI agents should most certainly not be trusted. “Jane doesn’t know which of them to trust or whether to trust any of them” he adds.

Strained relations and misconstrued relationships set the platform for an exciting season ahead.

Plus the show is about to get closer than ever to exposing Red John’s true identity , with producer Heller promising to reveal even more than the previous four seasons.

“Up to now, we've kind of been stalking him. This season, conceptually, we get a location for him. The running chase starts now,” Heller explains.