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The Last Enemy

Mondays 11pm | TV ONE

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This series is currently off-air

About this show

A mathematician, an aid worker and a desperate father are trying to deal with crises in their own lives when they are unwittingly caught up in a global mystery.

Stephen Ezard returns to England to attend the funeral of his brother Michael, and finds a world that has changed subtly but significantly from the one he left behind several years earlier.

National security is tighter, and biometric ID cards are compulsory. Passenger profiling at all major transport hubs is common practice, public spaces are monitored 24 hours a day by digital cameras and armed police patrol the streets.

Caught between the expanding powers of government intelligence and the murky world of illegal refugees and the new underclass of ID castaways, Stephen is forced to challenge his own complacencies about this new society.

The Last Enemy is set in a world where trust is dying, to be replaced by technology. In such a world, can love survive?

The Last Enemy stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Max Beesley, BAFTA winner Anamaria Marinca, The Full Monty star Robert Carlyle and Geraldine James. The five-part drama was written by Prime Suspect screenwriter Peter Berry.