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Is Alan Hall Innocent?

TV ONE's investigator Bryan Bruce is no soft touch. When the family of Alan Hall approached him at the end of the last season of The Investigator to look into Hall's murder conviction, Bruce told them bluntly he would have a look; but out of 15 major cases he has looked into, he's never found someone who was wrongfully convicted.

But as soon as he started his investigation, it was clear to Bruce that something was terribly wrong.

Tonight's final episode of Real Crime: The Investigator sees Brucetake a look at the how the Crown got a conviction and why Bruce thinks he is innocent.

Arthur Easton was stabbed with a bayonet during a fight in the hallway of his home in Papakura, South Auckland in October 1985. The police started their search looking for a 6' tall, strong, 18-year-old Maori male who had fought with Mr Easton and his two teenage 6' tall sons. 

They arrested Alan Hall, a 5'8" asthmatic pakeha, says Bruce.

And, despite a fierce fight in which the three Easton men fought with the offender Hall turned up at work the next day with not a mark on him, Bruce adds. "There is not one drop of Alan's unique blood, not one hair off his head, not one finger print to put him at the scene of the crime. And neither of the Easton boys identified Alan Hall as the man who had killed their father."

So how did the Crown get a conviction? The murder weapon and the bayonet belonged to Hall. The items he said had been stolen from his sleep out at his mother's house, but he did not come forward when the Police appealed for information.

"Alan's not bright," says Bruce. "And when the police did finally turn up at his door, he told them several lies about what had happened to the bayonet and matters just escalated from there.

"The family used the Official Information Act to get documents that the Defence did not know about at trial or at Alan's Appeal. What they reveal, in my opinion, is that Alan Hall did not get a fair investigation or trial."

Bruce says he will explain why he thinks Alan Hall is innocent in this season's finale, Wednesday at 9.30pm on TV ONE.