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Jesus The Cold Case on TV ONE

This series is off the air now.

In 2010 Bryan Bruce decided to apply his criminal investigative methods to the ultimate cold case : Who Killed Jesus and Why?

The traditional answer - the Jews - has just been rejected by Pope Benedict XVI, who endorses the finding of Vatican II in 1965 that the Jewish people "as a whole " were not responsible for the death of Jesus. Rather that it was the Jewish authorities who organised for Jesus to be executed by the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate.

But Bruce doubts that even this version of events ever happened.

In an investigation that ranges across three continents, Bruce sets out to discover who Jesus was and what he did that resulted in his death on a Roman cross. The impressive list of  scholars  he consults includes:

-   Emeritus Prof. Geza Vermes (Oxford)
-  Emeritus Prof John Dominic Crossan ( St Pauls)
-   Prof. Elaine Paigels (Princeton)
-  Bishop John Shelby- Spong (USA)
-  Prof. Lloyd Geering (New Zealand)
-  Dr Helen Bond ( Edinburgh)
-  Prof . Israel Herschkovitz (Tel Aviv)
-  Dr Shimon Gibson (London )

You can watch a preview of Jesus The Cold Case here.

About The Investigator

Bryan Bruce is an award winning producer, writer & director who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He has a MA in Sociology, Psychology & philosophy from Canterbury University.

A former musician and schoolteacher, he began his television career in 1984 as front person and writer for a TVNZ arts show. Since then has won awards for Best Director and Best Factual Writer and his work has made the finals of several international festivals, including the New York Television Festival and the prestigious Banff Awards.

His most recent award was for Achievement in Directing for in Factual Entertainment  (The Investigator) at the Qantas Film & TV Awards in 2008.

Bryan has made over 30 successful documentaries & series and his company Red Sky Film & TV Ltd specialises in the production of high quality documentary programmes covering a range of topics from social issues to wildlife and adventure.

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