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Heart Foundation Tick Programme

The Heart Foundation Tick is a public health programme that leads the way in improving the food New Zealanders eat.

The Tick has been helping busy shoppers make healthier choices for the past ten years and is now New Zealand's most trusted food signposting guide.

The Tick signposts healthier choices in more than 50 food categories. When you choose a product carrying the Heart Foundation Tick logo, you are buying a healthier product in that food category. For example, yoghurt with the Tick is a healthier choice of yoghurt, breakfast cereal with the Tick is a healthier choice of breakfast cereal.

There are around 950 products with the Tick. Tick can be found in core food groups like milk, lean meat, bread and cereals, to a few "occasional" foods like pies and ice cream. To make a real difference to the health of New Zealanders, the Tick is on some occasional foods, so a healthier choice is available in those food categories. Eating a piece of fruit will always be the healthiest choice, but if you are going to eat an occasional food, like ice cream or a pie, look for one with the Tick. Occasional foods make up only a small proportion of the Tick programme and the Heart Foundation recommends you limit them in your diet.

Tick-approved foods are generally lower in saturated fat and salt than comparable products in their food category. Some are also lower in kilojoules, and higher in fibre or calcium. Tick nutrition standards are specific to each food category.

The Tick also works with the food industry to develop and reformulate healthier foods. For example 33 tonnes of salt was removed from the New Zealand food supply by manufacturers reformulating foods in the cereal, margarine and bread categories to meet Tick standards.

Who is the Tick for?
The Tick helps the general population eat healthier by signposting healthier food choices by food category. When it comes to weight management and obesity it is important to combine healthier eating and healthier food choices with adequate exercise. People with diabetes or other health conditions will need to discuss their specific dietary needs with a qualified health professional.

Visit for more information. You'll also be in with a chance to win $1000 of Tick groceries if you register as a Tick Club member before 31 August. The website also has a downloadable Tick Shopping List - a handy resource when you're planning your weekly shop.