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The origins of Momentum

1984 - Toronto, Canada. A sect, calling itself 'Momentum' appears, and begins to attract members. The founders of the sect claim to have uncovered ground-breaking writings from the 1800s, the contents of which are kept secret to all but the highest members of the group.

The philosophy of Momentum is generally post-70s anti-materialism, being critical of the 'unbridled greed' of the 1980s consumerist ethic, with a particular focus on the imminent 'self destruction' of the modern world. Members are expected to distance themselves from the rest of the world, joining compounds dedicated to self-sufficiency, located at remote, inaccessible sites in Europe and Canada.

1987 - The Stock Market Crash increases momentum's popularity, and its members swell in number. However, along with more members, comes greater scrutiny. US and European government agencies begin to make inquires over Momentum's practices.  Momentum, in an effort to avoid problems, forms  a 'council' of longest serving members. The identity of the members of this council are kept secret, but all Momentum compounds are ultimately answerable to them.

1994 - 1997 - Mass Suicides of members of the 'Order of the Solar Temple' in Switzerland and Quebec causes increased scrutiny from European and Canadian Governments towards Momentum, though the Momentum Council claim to have no physical or theosophical links to the Solar Temple.

1998 - The first official Momentum compound is founded in Australia, South of Darwin. A second quickly follows in Western Tasmania. There are a total of 22 Momentum sites worldwide, mainly in Europe and North America, with approximately nineteen thousand official members, though unofficial members are likely to number at least twice that again.

2003 - Vancouver, Canada: Edward North joins Momentum. After an 'incident' involving another member, he is seen to have a great deal of potential by the Momentum Council.

2005 - After a series of travels to various parts of the word, North returns to New Zealand and founds the first Momentum Compound in a remote area of the north-eastern North Island. He names it 'Two Gardens', beginning with just a dozen members. This is the 26th Momentum Compound. At this time official Momentum Members are thought to be approximately fifteen thousand.

2007 - A Momentum compound in southern Czech Republic is attacked, and a number of members are killed, in a resulting fire. Police suspect an attack by a local criminal gang, though no arrests are ever made.

2008 - A second attack on a Momentum Compound is rumored to have occurred in South America, though there are no media reports, and Momentum Council officially deny any problem.

2009 - Present day. Two Gardens membership reaches two hundred. There are 29 Momentum Compounds worldwide with an official membership of approximately twenty thousand.


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