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Interview with Kate Elliott

Can you tell us about your character?

I play an Australian girl called Gina and I am looking for my husband who has gone missing. I play a nice girl; she's loyal, trustworthy, straight up, and intelligent. She's a fun character, a really normal person.

My inspiration is from my sister. She has a certain way of seeing the world which is similar to Gina...grounded, slightly sarcastic way, in terms of experiencing something in her life which was quite difficult, even though she only 18, she has a more older feeling to her.

What has filming been like?

A lot of hard work but a lot of laughs as well. A great cast to work with. I mean we are quite separated from the people who are in the cult. We are cold, they are not. They get soft lighting (laughs).

It's been a different experience for me. We shoot in a place called The Glen which all the Liberators are in, doing large dialogue scenes, technically that's very different from what I have done before.

Is it good to have such an extensive back story on screen?

As an actor you often have a large back story but the audience never sees that, but in this you get to explore your younger self and that's quite nice.

Every episode you get is a page turner and I'm interested in what's going to happen. When you come to work we all ask each other "have you read it". I am personally interested in all of the other characters' back stories as well.

Do you read much about cults before hand?

I didn't because I am not part of the cult. For me, my character, it's more about family. We are going along a journey with our characters, discovering what this cult is all about and it's nice to go along with that journey with the character.

Have you thought about the nature of religion and cults and they way they can control people?

For me, in terms of relating to my character, I have thought about how strongly she feels against being controlled by anything and whether I feel that strongly. Whether I could be part of a cult? I think she feels a lot stronger about the evils about it than I do. Even though I am not a religious person and I wasn't brought up religious and I don't consider myself at this point of my live very spiritual, I find being part of a family like they are in the cult is quite interesting and must be kind of comforting.


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