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The Cult


Gina Delaney

Gina, 28, was once a party girl, living it up in Sydney. But when her husband, Andy, disappeared three years ago, everything changed for her.  She searched everywhere but found no trace.

Now three years later, an envelope arrives and she finds herself in The Glen. She definitely feels on the back foot to the other Liberators. She initially masks this with aloofness and sarcasm but the chinks in Gina's armour soon start to show.

She feels like she has a lot in her life to be sorry. But she wants to make amends for whatever she did to make Andy leave and would do anything to get him back.  

Gina is one of our good characters - she's kind, loving and with no ulterior motive. She's open and honest and, like Frances, discovers through the course of the series that she has a lot to offer. She is strong willed, intelligent and very brave.


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