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The Cult


Episode Two

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With Daniel missing and a threat to stay away from the police, Michael and the Liberators are learning that to get their people out of the compound is going to require more risky measures. Michael, using some of his more unsavoury contacts from his client list, makes a plan to plant a drug lab in Two Gardens so that police will have grounds to shut the place down. They use local electrician, Rick Weever, to bring Hugo into the compound to plant the lab.

Unfortunately all doesn't go to plan and by the time the cops come on site to investigate the drug lab has disappeared - but who has taken it? The Liberators conclude that if none of them warned the compound, someone may have been listening in. They search every inch of The Glen and find a short-range bug; someone is listening in but they're closer than Two Gardens. Someone else wants to know what they're up to&but who?

Inside Two Gardens, Michael's son Ryan is having problems keeping on the right side of Edward. He helped his brother Nathan escape from Two Gardens and is having a forbidden relationship with another compound member - Hannah. Despite this he's desperate to stay and be with Edward (we see in flashback how Ryan became involved in Two Gardens) but he hasn't made things easy for himself...

Meanwhile out in the bush, two strange events are unfolding, posing questions - who is mysterious hooded person who has taken Nathan captive? And who is the beautiful but mysterious Asian girl who has turned up at old bush hermit Keith's house naked and catatonic?


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