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The Cult


Episode Six

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The discovery of Jenni has shocked the Liberators to the core. Annabelle examines Jenni but is unable to determine what happened to her. She concludes they need the doctor that did this to her so they can figure out how to treat her. The Liberators decide there's only one thing they can do - kidnap Cynthia Ross. The trap is set and they manage to ambush her in the local town, but she has someone with her - a little girl from Two Gardens - Jamie. With Cynthia in the Glen, the Liberators start to question her about Jenni but it's clear she won't talk about it. She does reveal some distressing news to Annabelle; Andy has a brain tumour.

Annabelle makes a snap decision and tries to take Cynthia back to the compound to do an exchange for Andy. En route, Cynthia manages to overpower her and escape but is quickly caught by Harris and Hugo. She's brought back to the compound and the Liberators realise they need to get answers from her fast before Momentum come for her. But she's not the only problem under the roof of the Glen that night. Little Jamie manages to sneak Jenni away and back to Two Gardens in the middle of the night&


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