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Peter "The Pride of Providence" Manfredo, Jr


Peter "The Pride of Providence" Manfredo, Jr.
Age: 24
Record: W 21, L 0, Draw 0, KO 10
Providence, RI
Occupation: Electrician
Wife: Yamilka; Kids: Alexis Marie

Peter is a happy-go-lucky kid who turns into Godzilla once in the ring. He has lived his entire life in his father's gym and has more than the average perspective on the business of boxing and the potential to make a great living at it. His father complains that he started boxing too late in his life to have made any real money. However, Peter Jr. seems to be doing just fine.

He has an SUV, and bought some land to build a house for his high school sweetheart-turned wife Yamilka and their baby daughter. Peter is affable, likes to laugh and is generally a happy guy but does not take criticism well. He knows the world of boxing, his place in it and is confident in his chances for this competition. Peter Senior is deathly afraid that the shows trainer will screw-up what he took a lifetime to build with his son. He is very confident that Jr. is the Contender.