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About The Catherine Tate Show

About the show

With an extraordinary ear for mimicry and a sure sense of character and comic timing, Catherine Tate presents a stable of unique and quirky characters.

They include:

Margaret, a woman frightened of her own shadow

Bunty Carmichael, the Doncaster Spinners' best majorette but, at 31, the oldest by about 20 years

Elaine, the Death Row wife who has found love with a convicted murderer awaiting execution

New parents Ben and Karen, determined not to let their first baby dictate how they live their lives

Bernie the Irish nurse, for whom caring for people has always been a passion, just as long as it doesn't interfere with her love of good food and, more importantly, men.

Characters from everyday life are parodied to the extreme as the talented actress morphs through accents and wigs.

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