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The Catalina on TV2

Miami just got a lot hotter!

With a nightlife as sizzling as the sun-soaked beaches during the day, The Catalina centres on the young, wild staff of The Catalina hotel in Miami's South Beach. The fun-loving group forms their own dysfunctional family unit, working hard during the day and partying even harder at night - harder even than their guests.

The show follows the group as they manage their relationships with each other, while working to create a fun, exciting experience for the guests at the hotel. But when the staff work and party together, drama always ensues. The two pool bartenders, Nancy and Kris, used to date and still have to work together, which causes jealous moments, especially when Kris flirts with fellow staff and hotel guests. New employee David has a crush on Nancy, which she uses to her advantage, while pool cocktail server DeDe often serves as the voice of reason with the group. The popular restaurant in the hotel, Kung Fu, is always bustling and restaurant general manager Morgan is all business as she tries to keep things flowing.