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The Bear Family and Me

Sunday at 1.50pm | TV ONE

About The Bear Family and Me

The Bear Family and Me on TV ONE

This series is being repeated on Sundays at 1.50pm

Black bears are powerful carnivores. It's virtually impossible to get near them and scientists have rarely observed their natural behaviour in the wild. But Dr Lynn Rogers has pioneered a unique way of working closely with wild black bears, which now provides amazing new insights into their behaviour.

In this absorbing series, experienced wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan works with Lynn over a year to document the lives of a wild bear family, with his cameras getting as close as can be to the action.

March is the beginning of the bear year, when cheeky, young Lily emerges from hibernation. Lily is a first time mother and as she and her cub, Hope, come out from their den, they face a testing time. Lily's mother June and her own two yearlings Jordan and Jewel make up the brood.

As the bears move away from their dens, Gordon and Lynn 'walk with them', following them through the forest as they search for insects, plants and even hunt. It's a crucial time for Gordon as he gains the trust of Lily and her family. But trouble is just around the corner...

As summer begins, the male bears begin to fight over June. Gordon's got June and Lily on his side, but must now have the confidence to follow the big males. He must increase his knowledge of bear language and stand up to bear 'bluster'. This is a physically demanding time, when the bears roam large distances. But the rewards are huge as Gordon captures the emerging personalities of individual cubs and the tension leading up to mating season.

Autumn approaches, and the bears begin to feed voraciously in preparation for hibernation. But clouds gather on the horizon as bear hunters lay bait in the forest. Gordon and Lynn begin walking from dawn to dusk with the bear family to try to protect them.

Set against the iconic wilderness landscape of the Northwoods of Minnesota, this behaviour-rich series gets up close and personal with one of the mightiest beasts of our world.