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Ep 3: 'Stacie J., you're fired'

The morning after Brad's shock firing, both teams learned that they would work with Procter & Gamble (P&G) on their next task. Each team would be given a budget of $50,000 to "create a buzz," as Trump put it, about the company's new product - Vanilla Mint Crest toothpaste.

Kevin was appointed Project Manager of Mosaic through a random drawing. He got down to business and led the group in a brainstorming session. Everyone tried to think "big" and Andy suggested giving away the chance to win one million dollars! He said  the team could give one lucky contest winner a small chance (like 1 in 100) to win the $1 million, and all the team had to do was buy insurance to cover them.

Since Elizabeth had worked for P&G, she was elected Project Manager of Apex. The team decided to use a celebrity endorsement to create a buzz about the new Vanilla Mint Crest toothpaste. Apex worked with the Alliance Agency to secure an appearance by Mike Piazza, beloved catcher for the NY Mets. Elizabeth was concerned because booking the athlete would stretch their budget to the limit. But once Piazza agreed to brush his teeth at the public launch event, the deal was sealed.

Later that night, Stacie J. and Jennifer C. arrived at a warehouse to pick up the toothpaste for their event. Unfortunately, Stacie J. had underestimated how large 20,000 tubes of toothpaste would be. There was no way she could move that much toothpaste with only a passenger van. To top it off, the women only had three minutes until the warehouse closed. Jennifer C. asked Stacie J., "Did you even think?"

At around 2:30am, Mosaic got a call from Madeline of DeVries Public Relations, who had bad news. The lawyers she'd been working with had too many concerns about the giveaway and had decided they couldn't take on the liability. The million dollar launch campaign was dead. And Mosaic looked crushed.

The next day, they bounced back with a new plan: they would give away three $5,000 prizes in a circus-like atmosphere. The team hired a fire-eater, a stilt-walker and jugglers, who all performed while the team gave away Crest Vanilla Mint toothpaste. Across town, Apex had a crowd gathered around Mike Piazza, who brushed his teeth in front of chanting fans. Then, Piazza signed boxes of Crest Vanilla Mint toothpaste and the Crest fliers that Apex had commissioned.

Maria, Ivana and Stacy R. met with Alliance to go over Apex's budget. They were surprised to learn that the fliers cost much more than they had thought - putting the team $5,000 over budget. Maria told the printer that she had given him a price that they could not go over, but the printer said that there were overtime costs.

Later, the two teams met up with the P&G executives as they presented their verdict to Donald. They thought Apex's event, with Mike Piazza brushing his teeth, was the best, but the executives said that going $5,000 over budget meant that Mosaic performed the best.

For their reward, the members of Mosaic would dine aboard the Queen Mary 2 - the largest ocean liner in the world - as it sailed through New York Harbour. In addition, as Project Manager of the winning team, Kevin would be exempt from the firing the next week. As the losing team, Apex would meet with Donald in the boardroom where someone would be fired.

In the suite, Elizabeth and Maria argued. Elizabeth said that the team went over budget because Maria was not clear in her negotiations with the printer. Maria countered that the budget issue was ultimately a leadership issue - and so was Elizabeth's responsibility. Stacie J. stayed out of the fray, but thought that Elizabeth would bring her in to face the firing because the rest of the women were part of a clique.

Elizabeth ended up choosing Maria and Stacie J. With the candidates out of the room, Carolyn said she thought that Elizabeth was a "terrible leader" and Maria was responsible for going over budget but wasn't taking responsibility for it. George said he wasn't sure he could trust Maria to handle a company's finances.

When Trump asked why Stacie J. Elizabeth was in the boardroom, Maria said that in the first task with Mattel, "Stacie acted in a manner that... led us to believe that there could possibly be a second personality to Stacie - literally." Elizabeth

Trump said that this was too important an issue to ignore and called the rest of Apex to the boardroom. Donald repeated the concerns that Elizabeth and Maria had voiced about Stacie J. and everyone else on the team echoed the concerns about her behaviour. Trump told Stacie that he had to listen when everyone on the team felt she was a liability and that he couldn't take the chance that it wouldn't happen again. So Donald fired her.