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Ep 10: 'Chris, you're fired'

After absorbing the news of Raj's firing, the teams got down to business. Because Chris had complained the previous week that Apex wasn't a cohesive team, Trump decreed that Chris would be Project Manager for this task. In an interview, Chris admitted that he put himself on "the chopping block." Chris' first order of business was to gather his team.  On Mosaic, Kelly offered to be Project Manager and Maria liked the idea. It looked like Kelly might land the position without objection, but then Andy jumped in. He said that he wanted to be Project Manager too. So, the team drew a name at random and Kelly won the job.

The next day, the candidates met with Donald and learned that they would work in the $30 billion dollar a year wedding industry. Each team would have to transform an empty space into its own bridal shop and then hold an exclusive sale. The team with the greatest profit would win. The other team would meet back in the boardroom for the ultimate divorce, where one person would be fired. Trump told Sandy, a bridal salon owner, that she had a big advantage. But he also warned, "If you lose this time, it would not be good."

Mosaic met back at the suite where Sandy said she needed to make appointments with bridal salon owners to talk with them in person. Kelly put Wes and Maria in charge of the marketing. Their goal was to get as many brides into Apex's new store as possible. Sandy directed Wes and Maria to a bridal website that they could work with to send an email out to thousands of engaged women in the New York area. Sandy outlined the email and told Maria and Wes to put the team's phone number in the message.

Apex visited their empty store space and liked what they saw. Chris said that the first plan of attack was to contact bridal vendors and offer them rent-free spots in the location to sell their wares. Apex and the vendors would split the profits on all that was sold. Chris got on the phone and called bridal vendors. But after many conversations, Chris came up empty. He couldn't convince a single vendor to come down to Apex's space to sell their products. In an interview, Ivana said, "Chris is supposedly the guy who can sell ice to Eskimos. Why couldn't he get anywhere with these vendors?" After enduring rejection after rejection, Chris finally declared the task to be "impossible." In fact, he said he wouldn't be surprised if both teams lost money. This attitude of defeat didn't rally the troops. In fact, Ivana said, "To throw up your hands that early in the game is pathetic."

When both new bridal shops opened, Mosaic had a line of over forty women waiting to look at dresses. On the other hand, Apex opened their doors to just two women. Each team jumped into action and tried to sell as many dresses as they could.

Later, everyone arrived at the boardroom to hear how they had done. Carolyn said Mosaic had great teamwork and had produced a beautiful bridal shop. But even more beautiful was their final tally. The team turned a profit of $12,788.94. George reported that Apex did far less business and brought in a profit of just $1,060.47. Trump called Mosaic's win "impressive." For their victory, the members of Mosaic would be rewarded with $50,000 of merchandise from Graff Jewelers - the same jeweler that Trump used to purchase Melania's engagement ring.

Back at the suite, Kevin, Ivana and Jennifer M. commiserated. Kevin called their loss "an old-fashioned butt-kicking" and reminded everyone that they had lost three tasks in a row. Ivana said they got "spanked" in every aspect of the task. Kevin felt that Chris should be fired, but he kept open the possibility that Trump could fire them all for their incredibly poor performance. At Graff, Melania met the members of Mosaic and acted as their diamond emissary. Giddy, Sandy and Maria tried on literally millions of dollars worth of diamonds. However, each team member took home a more modest piece.

After Apex arrived at the boardroom, Chris admitted that his team took a "beating," but he thought that they had gelled. Trump shot back that the team couldn't have gelled that well because they lost by so much. With some prompting from Ivana, Chris admitted that at the beginning of the task, he thought the job would be impossible. Chris said he felt the other team had an advantage with Sandy in their corner, but Carolyn disagreed. George focused in on one aspect of the task: marketing. He said that Apex had no marketing plan. Jennifer M. agreed that Mosaic got onto their marketing quickly and sent out an effective email. Carolyn thought the Apex marketing plan of handing out fliers at train stations was a "terrible idea." And Trump said that he didn't see Penn Station as a place where people thought about marriage. Kevin said that Chris didn't have a plan. Jennifer M. thought that Chris lacked energy and focus. Finally, Chris decided to bring Kevin and Ivana into the boardroom and to send Jennifer M. back up to the safety of the suite.

After the candidates left the room, Trump said he thought that all members of Apex were "terrible" and he called their performance "ridiculous." George said that he didn't see any fire in the candidates and Trump agreed. Once Chris, Ivana and Kevin returned, Trump said that Jennifer M. was just as guilty as the others. He asked Chris why he let her go. Chris explained that Jennifer M. was a good salesperson on the task. But Carolyn countered that the team only sold two dresses, so Jennifer M. couldn't have been that good. Ivana said, "Chris is really good at identifying problems. And when I say that, I mean he's really good at complaining." Trump told Ivana that she is capable of the most unbelievable backhanded slaps he has ever seen. Kevin said that he would fire Chris. Ivana said she would fire Chris as well. Trump said the team didn't have any spark and that's why they lost. Trump reminded Chris that the previous week, he complained that his team was a mess, so Trump gave him the chance to be Project Manager. Not only did his team lose, but Trump complained that Chris let Jennifer M. go when she didn't deserve it. Trump was on a roll and finished it off with: "I can't believe that you led the team so badly -- and Chris, you're fired."