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Paul Natac - Evicted week 6

Paul Natac 




Infringement Relationship Manager 

What is the most INTERESTING thing about you?
I use humour in my leadership and work style - I'm very funny but also assertive. Most interesting is my background - I was told I would not amount to anything because I was a slacker at school. One day I decided to start climbing the corporate ladder, so started asking people who were in positions I aspired to how they got there.  I did what they did and it actually worked.  I used to enter hip hop dance competitions and also my dream was to be an actor (comedian).

What tactics will you use on The Apprentice to make sure you win?
I will use my street-smart skills, because it's not the same as being in a large corporation. I want to try and be one of the first project managers to make an impression of what I can do. Ensure I have built strong relationships in my team, so I won't be taken to the boardroom for just not being liked!  
Why should you be the next Apprentice?
I work hard, I have a strong drive, I received a CEO award for a project I delivered a few months ago and every work place I go I receive employee of the month awards. I am loyal to whoever I report to and the company. People speak highly of me. I have high respect for people but still possess strong negotiation skills. 

What makes you DIFFERENT from all the other people applying for The Apprentice?
I'm not your standard uni graduate; I didn't finish my degree in business (from 15-20yrs old I was a slacker). I have worked hard the last eight years to climb the ladder.  My way of getting things done may be more unorthodox than most, but I make sure things are delivered on time to get the best outcome possible.
What makes you angry?
I am not easily angered, but what frustrates me is people who make mountains out of small issues. Or people that talk talk talk, but never do - plenty of bright ideas but never any action. 

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