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Catherine Livingstone - Evicted week 12

Catherine Livingstone 




Self employed - concierge service

What is the most INTERESTING thing about you?
Personally - I am an absolute animal-lover e.g. I have two dogs, two cats and six chickens.
Business - I love challenges, and one of the things my clients come to me most for is I can resource anything or get hold of anyone they need.

What tactics will you use on The Apprentice to make sure you win?
I'll use my resources, observe and sum up people but not be scared to push what I think needs to be done and how. I'll pull on my organisational strengths and experiences working for CEOs. 

Why should you be the next Apprentice?
Because I am a strong business woman who is resourceful and will challenge all people around me; I'm organised and a good Kiwi girl who can roll up her sleeves and make sure the job gets done.   

What makes you DIFFERENT from all the other people applying for The Apprentice?
The international experience I have had sitting on management teams; the approach I have to business of 'get the job done'; my "no shit" type of approach; and the wide spectrum of skills I bring to the table.

What makes you angry?
Something that would hurt my family or my animals.

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