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The Amazing Race Australia vs NZ


The Amazing Race Australia v NZ Recap

The battle for trans-Tasman supremacy is nearing a hectic finale. 

If you've missed anything, or just feel like enjoying some of the highlights and images of the carnage so far, don't miss the brief recaps below for each episode, and watch any of your choice on TVNZ Ondemand.

Be aware, some spoilers below.


In the final episode:

The remaining three teams were to begin the final leg of the Race by flying to Hollywood, California, before searching the Walk of Fame for three lookalike movie characters played by Australian actors/actresses. Ashleigh and Jarrod powered through the challenge, whereas Daniel and Ryan took a wrong turn on the way, and then took a picture of Sandy from Grease, despite Olivia Newton John being British.

Ashleigh and Jarrod ventured on to Pink's to eat hotdogs, but Jarrod found the challenge tough. As he struggled to eat his hotdog, Sally and Tyson and Daniel and Ryan caught them and breezed through the challenge. From there, it was back on a plane to Melbourne, Ashleigh and Jarrod's hometown.

In Melbourne, teams travelled by helicopter to the Otway Ranges, famed for spectacular waterfalls and dense forestry, searching the treetop canopy walkway for a clue. Then, it was back on their respective helicopters, with each team looking for the first of three clues on the ground. Jarrod had a tough time with his binoculars, and as a result, they fell further behind the other two teams.

On land again, teams had to bust through a sand castle for a tiny clue, before swimming out into the ocean to a bouy for their final one. Each clue spelled their final destination, where teams then had to put in order items related to every destination they had visited on the Race. Racing to the finish line flanked by every previously eliminated team, intensive care nurses Daniel and Ryan pipped Sally and Tyson and became the first ever trans-Tasman Amazing Race winners, earning $250,000.00. Sally and Tyson came in second, and finally, after a rather shocking leg, Ashleigh and Jarrod came in third.


In episode nine:


Teams had to fly to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Sally and Tyson managed to use a chocolate bar to sneak into the Business Class lounge pre-flight to research their destination, but Tyson wasn't impressed to discover the rest of the teams were allowed in after him, without using chocolate bars for entry.

Landing in Buenos Aires, Carla and Hereni and Ashleigh and Jarrod hit the taxis first, with the rest of the teams heading to the currency exchange desk. It didn't matter, as both taxis went in the wrong direction and the two teams ended up being last to the road block, navigating a carriage to a polo field, before dressing and preparing a polo horse for competition.

Tyson and Sally hit the lead, roaring onwards to the next detour, in which teams had to explore Argentina's cultural heritage, choosing between learning and performing the Tango, or following clues to iconic Argentina landmarks. Jarrod was a star performer in the Tango, much to the surprise of everyone, while Sally and Tyson followed clues in the wrong direction and lost critical time. Daniel and Ryan ended up in a taxi travelling a long way in the wrong direction.

Finally, teams had to row up river to the pitstop, with Ashleigh and Jarrod coming in first place. With Daniel and Ryan well and truly last, Carla and Hereni jumped in their boat, and tragically, rowed the wrong way. When they finally reached the pitstop, they discovered the error in direction had allowed for Daniel and Ryan to sneak in, meaning Carla and Hereni were last, and New Zealand's remaining hope eliminated.


In episode eight:

Episode eight of The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand started with intensive care nurses Daniel and Ryan once again leading the way after a dominant display in the last leg, discovering teams were to fly over three thousand kilometres to Dubrovnik, Croatia. At the Ploce Gate, teams had to collect enormous stones, and deliver them up a flight of stairs to the city guard.

What they didn't know, was that by answering a mystery question correctly, they could progress. Many teams failed to pick up a clue provided, saying that they had to count the stairs. Failing to do so on the first attempt meant teams had to head all the way back down then start again, however Daniel and Ryan thought to count the stairs, as did Ashleigh and Jarrod.

From there, teams were given the opportunity to attempt a Fast Forward, to skip all tasks and head for the Pit Stop. Daniel and Ryan went for it, having to collect marked prayer cards, before then heading to a hairdresser to receive a stylish new do. Meanwhile, the other teams kept it simple, hitting a speed bump and having to knot a style of tie due to Croatie being the birthplace of it. Then it was on to abseiling down a wall, before discovering that teams then had to pull themselves back up the same exact wall.

Tyson and Sally took out first place, with Daniel and Ryan no where to be seen after what ended up looking like a foolish choice chasing the Fast Forward. With horrible new haircuts and missing first place, the intensive care nurses rued their decision, coming third. The battle for elimination was fought between Kiwis' Carla and Hereni and Cat and Jesse. With New Zealand losing regardless this leg of the race, fans sadly waved goodbye to possibly the team with the most heart, as Cat and Jesse finished last and were tearfully eliminated. It was a credit to the way they raced though, as every remaining team came to hug them goodbye.


In episode seven:

Next up on The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand, teams left the cold behind rather thankfully and headed to Lisbon in Portugal. After their crushing victory in the previous episode, Daniel and Ryan were first off the mark, melting hearts around the world as they tackled their first challenge in Portugal to learn and sing a Fado duet. Meanwhile, self professed song bird Jesse had a bit of trouble.

From there, it was on to a contender for the most picturesque setting visited by teams to date, the postcard worthy Lisbon Street Festival Agueda, and a maze of streets lined with colourful umbrellas hanging above. Teams were given a choice, to count yellow umbrellas, or move indoors and upstairs to retrieve washing marked with a certain name. Ashleigh and Jarrod were the only team to choose retrieving washing, seemingly imploding while attempting the challenge and wasting plenty of time before giving in and starting from scratch with the umbrellas.

As the other teams finished the challenge and moved ahead, Daniel and Ryan followed Sally and Tyson, heading in the wrong direction. Carla and Hereni and Cat and Jesse powered into the lead as they found their next objective, carrying a huge mess of fish and squid to a restaurant, before chowing down on a meal. Ashleigh and Jarrod bickered and begged back at the umbrellas, reading the clue wrong and being tricked by locals. Well and truly resigned to losing, finally, someone helped them, and they moved on slowly.

Daniel and Ryan once again slid into first place when it mattered most, and after a horror run riddled with arguments, Ashleigh and Jarrod came to the end well and truly in last place. With tears already beginning to flow, they were told by host Grant that their worst performance to date was to be excused. Luckily for them, this leg of the race was a predetermined non-elimination round, meaning Ashleigh and Jarrod live to fight another day!


In episode six:

Carrying on from the shock ending to episode 5, teams were pushed to continue racing, with leaders John and Murray charging onwards to board the Trans-Siberian express. With business class tickets to travel on the train to Kostroma in style, the boys had extra tickets to gift, and chose to pamper Ashleigh and Jarrod for their help in the previous episode.

The Museum of Wooden Architecture held the next clue, and a challenge to find matching Russian nesting dolls which divided teamss by nationality. The Kiwi teams began with a horrible strategy, splitting up, and Australians powered ahead by sticking together.

From there, a choice was to be made. Teams could either build a fire and heat a hot tub of water before taking a dip in what was realistically freezing cold water, or stacking an enormous amount of wood to the satisfaction of a judge. After that, one team member had to race around a course on a dog pulled sled, before heading to the finish line.

Australians Daniel and Ryan absolutely crushed the competition and cruised to victory, earning a salvage pass to save the team finishing last. Meanwhile, Carla and Hereni and John and Murray struggled with wood piles that toppled several times. As the race came to a close, New Zealanders witnessed strong contenders John and Murray finish last, with Daniel and Ryan sensing their threat and deciding not to save them.

However, bodybuilding Tyson stole the show and made this episode unforgettable, as he reached the finish line with girlfriend Sally on their four year anniversary, and proceeded to propose. Sally said yes, and everyone caught a serious case of the warm fuzzies.


In episode five:

Teams were in for a change in climate as the Race led them from Namibia to St Petersburg, Russia. Carla and Hereni started in first place after their victory in the previous episode.

Once landing in St Petersburg, teams rushed for an old Russian warship to note down a number of flag signals performed by a sailor, before deciphering a code. Carla and Hereni had given John and Murray a helping hand, but as the two men blitzed past them in the flag challenge, they didn't bother returning the favour.

After that, there was a choice to be made. Teams could either learn and perform a traditional cossack dance, draining and frustrating. Or, it was searching for a missing coat tag through hundreds of coats. Cracks appeared in John and Murray's teamwork as both became frustrated by the dance, and meanwhile, other teams gained on them.

To round things off, teams had to split up and create new teams to contort their way through a mission impossible-style laser field to pilfer a treasure and receive the next clue. Despite an Australian conspiracy to ignore John and Murray, the Kiwi duo managed to talk Ashleigh and Jarrod into working together. Once more, John and Murray charged towards the finish in first as Carla and Hereni found themselves fighting to avoid last place with Cat and Jesse. But, at the finish line, John and Murray discovered this segment of the race wasn't over!


In episode four:

Episode four of The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand brought with it a bucket load of tension and squabbling, as teams rushed on to Windhoek, Namibia. The scenery might've been awe inducing, but the heat got to some contestants. Charged with escorting two baboons down a path through a wildlife sanctuary, John and Murray had a cheeky word or two for Emily as she did the task with ease, her brother Jono taking offense to the mockery. Tensions erupted in the Kiwi camp, with John warning Jono if he came near him, things would get physical.

Aussie intensive care nurses Daniel and Ryan went the wrong way from the get go and got lost, creating an enormous gap between them and the rest of the pack. They struggled to catch up as the rest of the teams moved onto the next challenge, measuring a correct amount of stinky guts and meat, and charging off into the wilderness to feed lions. Jono suffered from heat exhaustion and cramps, collapsing several times, yet despite their war, John stopped to help him.

After that, John built a huge lead but got lost and ended up at the bottom of the pack. The teams progressed by donkey pulled cart (Emily and Jono crashed theirs), to learning a traditional Namibian dance and performing it, before a choice. Spit poo a certain distance, or light a fire in tribal fashion. Everyone opted to spit poo, strangely, but Emily and Jono failed to reach the distance required and gave up, swapping to the fire task. Meanwhile, Carla and Hereni used their express pass courtesy of John and Murray to sweep to victory, and Daniel and Ryan finally gained on the stragglers.

With barely metres to go to the finish line, after costly setbacks, Jono once more found the heat too much and collapsed. Cramping and limping, he managed to make the finish line with sister Emily only to discover Daniel and Ryan had escaped the jaws of death, meaning the Siblings were last, and, eliminated.


In episode three:

The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand continued at a frenetic pace, as teams were given their new destination - crossing the border to Bangkok, Thailand. From there, a plane flight to the scenic Krabi gave teams the chance to eliminate stress as they sat down for a traditional massage.

After this, teams were given a chance to choose between rock climbing for their clue, or drilling holes in coconuts and filling a jug with a certain amount of juice. John and Murray charged into the lead and even used a perk to turn Sally and Tyson back after their own rock climbing task, forcing them to do another task before progressing. Emily and Jono took offense to this, and vowed to pass their Kiwi counterparts to avenge the Australian bodybuilders.

Finally, teams had to dive for golden clams and a pearl for their final clue. John and Murray, neck and neck with Emily and Jono, managed to snatch victory by the tiniest of margins. This was after John and Jono traded heated words, and a bitter rivalry looked to be forming. Aston and Christie, after a forgettable episode in which their team composure broke apart for all to see, finished in last place and became New Zealand's first team to be eliminated. 


In episode two: 

In episode two, teams boarded two separate planes to Siem Reap, Cambodia. John and Murray slept in, potentially after celebrating their win in episode one too hard. Once in Cambodia, teams were greeted with a Cambodian delicacy, fried Tarantulas. A plate of five had to be consumed by each team, each member eating at least two, and then it was on to the travel agents to book a ticket to visit Angkor Wat the following day.

At Angkor Wat, each team had to nominate a member to count how many monks were standing in a courtyard, a tricky task considering some were sitting, others walking, and all were dressed in the same orange robes. Worse, was that the answer had to be relayed to one of two monks. One would accept the right answer, the other, dishonestly, would say it was wrong. John and Murray used a perk from their episode one win to bypass the task, and alliances started to form among the others.

From there, each team had a choice, to shrimp or shoot. Teams could either ride a wobbly boat out to catch a quota of shrimp, or, balance a pool table on a flotilla before beating a local pool shark. Emily and Jono charged to victory on the back of John and Murray failing to pay their Rickshaw driver his bill, and Mother and Son Australian duo Elizabeth and Todd rued failing at their shrimp challenge (Elizabeth falling into the muddy water) and having to then swap to pool, coming last and being eliminated.


In episode one:

The start of The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand saw the contest begin with a good old fashioned Tug of War between nations in the Australian Outback. New Zealand emerged victorious despite the muscles of Australia's bodybuilding couple Sally and Tyson, and gained a precious head start flying to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Once there, contestants were led to the 185 Chairs Memorial, dedicated to each life lost to the region in the 2011 earthquake. It was a special moment for siblings Emily and Jono from the quake ravaged town. Then, it was on to the Rangitata Rafts to navigate over treacherous rapids in search of one half of a golden ring in a tribute to the Lord of The Rings.

Teams then had to embrace Kiwiana and drive a tractor, stacking a number of hay bails to a farmer's satisfaction to gain entrance to the other half of their particular ring hidden in a paddock of evasive sheep. Then it was on to the finishing line, with New Zealand's John and Murray drawing first blood to emerge victorious. Sadly, Australia's Inga and Tiharna left half of their ring on their raft, the delay caused fetching it leaving them in last place, and, the first team to be eliminated from the race.