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The Amazing Race Australia vs NZ


About The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand

For the first time in The Amazing Race history, two countries will be pitted against each other in The Amazing Race - Australia v New Zealand.

The name suggests it all. It's mate against mate, brother against sister as the Trans-Tasman rivalry rises to a whole new level and finds a new playing field when ten teams of two – five from Australia and five from New Zealand – race through ten countries, six continents and almost 90,000kms in the true adventure of a lifetime.

The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand is a tough, physical, psychological and geographical pressure cooker where the teams of two will have to follow clues in a race around the world.

However, this latest series takes it to another realm with teams also carrying their nations' pride on their shoulders. Whether the chicken or the egg came first pales in comparison to the answer these teams are fighting for. Which nation rules?

At the end of each leg of the Race, the last team to finish faces the prospect of elimination. The winner of the series is the first team to finish the final leg and collect the grand prize of $250,000.

What tactics will play out in the Race? Will teams bond under their national flag, or will ambition and personal pride triumph over patriotism?

Historically, Australia and New Zealand have united in times of crisis and battled as fierce competitors in the world of sport. And so, The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand promises to deliver a race within a race, ultimately leaving only one team able to win.

Will the winning team be from Australia or New Zealand?