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The Amazing Race Australia vs NZ


Emily and Jono (Siblings)

Watch Emily and Jono contest the Amazing Race Australia on TV2

These siblings are incredibly close and super sweet. Will their positive outlook survive the race?


  • Emily: Radiography student
  • Jono: Advertising

Priority pack:

  • Emily: No undie-line undies and supportive bra
  • Jono: Antiperspirant and electrolytes

Secret remedy for intense situations

  • Sing and dance


Emily (24) and Jono (26) grew up in a tight-knit family in Christchurch, the youngest two of four children. According to Jono, he and Emily are the ultimate all-rounders and will be the smiling assassins in this competition.

“We're smart, we're intelligent, we can work things out, we've got strategies and ideas and common sense. I think other teams will underestimate us in a big way and that's going to be their downfall, not ours.”

Emily was home alone when the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes hit.

“Emily bore the brunt of dealing with our family home after the earthquakes destroyed it – she did it all. Emily, the youngest child, grew up really fast,” says Jono. They're quick to state they're grateful they only lost material items in the disaster.

When she's not studying Radiography, Emily works as a model, cheerleader and dancer. She still lives in Christchurch and recently opened NZ Fashion Week to public acclaim. She has modelled for Karen Walker and Trelise Cooper. Jono is a Creative Services Manager at a top Wellington advertising firm.

Do they have any fears for the race?

“I like to think we've got an unbeatable bond, though I'm terrified we're going to fight. We never fight, not in our whole life,” says Emily.

Jono adds: “The most important thing to me isn't winning; the most important thing to me is our relationship.”

The siblings last travelled together through Europe.

“We were the ultimate team in Europe,” says Emily, “however that was five years ago.”

“Emily "mums‟ me all the time now,” Jono laughs, “I‟m like - why are you annoying me, you never used to annoy me!”

His younger sister in particular will bring a whole lot of fun and positivity to the race. “I like to think I‟m really laid back and positive,” Emily says.

“I love life in every aspect. I'm really happy and I love, love, LOVE everyone! I love my family, I love my partner, I love my dog and my life is just full of love!”