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Feedback from episodes 8 and 9:

My entire family is car nuts and is absolutely loving the show!! It's great as my Dad is interested in the performance of the new cars, my Mum is interested in the finance/info/current events, and my sister and I are following the competition between the makes and models. 

It's a great, well rounded show and we're loving it! I was wondering if you could tell me how long it's going to be on for?  Is it now a permanent show for TV One?  (I hope so!) Thanks so much and keep it coming! Regards, The Ryan Family

Best car show on NZ Tv to date, don't listen to all the moaners! It's all those that you don't hear from who think its a good job, keep up good work. My only problem is remembering when it's on as you don't screen promos at times I'm watching!!! Great blend of all types of cars from family to sports car and people you use them something for everyone.

Having started a British sports car club 25 years ago and on executive of NZ Sports car club. Bought up my esteem of AA being a long time member, my grand father would be proud of AA show, being one of longest term AA members when he past away got a special certificate to prove it. Great show can't wait to see what you do with Bruce Turnbull's Saker, have several in our club.

As the show goes on it seems to be improving, I absolutely love it, and it just gets better and better! Keep it up!

Q: Great show guys, but how about more pictures/footage of the cars than the presenters. What is the chance of doing a comparison of the popular mid-sized class. i.e. Honda Accord Euro, Mazda 6, Toyota Camry and Ford Mondeo?? Cheers and keep the camera rolling.

A: We'd love to review more cars and hopefully will be able to do so in a second series.

Q: Cool show. Can you guys do a quarter mile straight out test between a Lancer Evo 8 and a Subaru WRX? Maybe even a track test? Cool. Thanks

A:  Be watching next week.

Feedback from episode 7:

LOOOOOOOOOVE the show guys great job.

Well by my e-mail adress you probably guess that the subaru WRX Impreza is my favourite car on the planet and if you could show it on the show it would mean a lot to me and if you could give a big shout out to me and my family.


A:  Be watching next week for the WRX

Here's some feedback from episodes 4 - 6:

Q: I thought your program about petrol being sold at supermarkets was somewhat misleading. You say countdown is supplied by Gull.  I was under the impression that Gull had been bought out by one of the major oil companies. There is no longer the competition at the pump that there was when Gull first went into competion offering cheaper fuel.

The oil companies are not in competition with each other for sales but the competition is with the retail outlets usually owned by individuals and supplied by the oil companies.With the NZ dollar being at an all time high, the price of petrol should be much cheaper than it is but it isn't, so someone is making a lot of money and it isn't me or the consumer.

A: Gull has not be bought out by any of the oil companies and has a parent company in Australia also under the name Gull.
The oil companies are in competition with each other for sales as it is a volume business which is why BP especially has teamed up with Pak'N Save to ensure they wholesale more fuel.
The story was not about the price of petrol persay, although I do agree with you that at a time when the dollar is so high, it does beg the question .. just who is making the massive margins.
We will be covering this very issue in a couple of weeks time.


  • Great show should be more good quality car shows like this on tv.  I am a great car fan and watch all car programmes on tv and believe yours is one of the best.  Keep up the great work!
  • Enjoy the show but there is a bit too much swearing, especially the frequent use of the various names of God. At last a NZ car show that is not scripted from manufacturers brochures.
  • Hey Love the show me and my brother watch it and think danny is a top bloke,  and the jokes are right on our humor.
  • Torque show is coming together really well. Presenters are working together in a much more relaxed way. Humour is good and you are not jumping around as much, but following through on stories. E.g Review of Rover last night, followed by Aarons hill climb piece. Gave us an all round view of the car. Keep up the good work and good luck for a second series.
  • Love your show!!
    Two main things I'd like to comment on:
    The program is too short - Seems like the engines just getting warmed up and you go and turn the key off! and... It's on quite late for us hardworking guys that like to watch programs like this but have to get up at 3am in the morning, how about going to air at a decent time and replacing some of the soapy rubbish at 7-8pm.
  • The show is great but it's on too late.
  • Just a quick comment. the show is great but its all over in a short while. it would be cool if it was one hour long.

Here's some of your feedback from Episodes Two and Three:

Q. Where was the Ford Fiesta in the super mini test? The Fiesta is far superior to the three cars tested and it didnt even get a mention. After all the Fiesta is the car of the year winner in its field.....Please explain!
A. Yes there are a number of cars we could have included in this trial but unfortunately we only have time to do three per episode.  Maybe if we get a longer duration for the next series we could include a more comprehensive analysis.

Q. Loved the show - here's a about finding a car for a very tall family, 3 large dogs and grandchildren?
A. Great idea -  Any manufacturers want to nominate a candidate?.. we'll put that challenge into the ideas file for series 2!

Q. You said on the show that the Typhoon was named after the American fighter - but the Hawker Typhoon is British
A. Yes, you're right on that one - well spotted.

Q. How do I find the 60 Thunderbirds commercial?
A. Go to the review of the Typhoon and follow the video link from there.


  • Loved the show, great information, great cars and great sense of humour.
  • The content was generally good but the jokes terrible.
  • Great programme - I look forward to more Holdens.
  • Calling a car pretty doesn't do you any favours - flowers are pretty.
  • Hi my name is ben and I am 13. I love your show because Danny, Emma and Roger have a good sense of humour and great cars. When i am an adult i want to be a V8 supercar driver in Australia and win Mount Panorama. Your show is the best car show ever. I think Ford is the best car!

  • Great show, the only thing it lacks is a studio audience to throw a bit of atmosphere into it, and to laugh at Danny's good humour. I know it's the first series and so far, I'm lovin' it. Like the use of camera movement in the studio, arty shots on your car test segments, good photography from the camera team. Keep up the great work!

  • Have enjoyed your show. I would like to see you do a section on the Nissan Skyline GT-R (Godzilla) as i think it is the best car apart from the McLaren F1 road car z(which is the fastest production car in the world). Holdens are better than Fords and for me Subaru WRX'S and evo's are 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other. The best small car I have seen around lately is the Mazda 2.

  • We were asked for comments about the show and I have a gripe. Why is it only half an hour per episode? It's over so quickly. I would say 50 to 100% longer would be ideal.
  • I watch the Top Gear and Fifth Gear car shows on TV and while I enjoy them, it is nice to see a local car show. The different presenters give a broad view of the subject.

  • At last! A half decent motoring programme since Jim Hickey left. Well done TVNZ.

  • Kia Ora , good show. 1 hr would be better but that's the way it goes. Is that a FPV GT vs HSV Clubbie or GTS? what year are they? is the GT a MKII 6 speed? HSV 6.0L or 5.7? Will send pics of our FPV GT MKII 6 speed  (Shockwave) with white stripes an BOSS 330 decal. FPV just finished building and can't wait for delivery!

Here's some of your feedback from Episode One:

Q. Great show. Could it move to an earlier timeslot and be an hour long?
A. It's our first season but if things go well who knows ...

Q. The review of the mini cars didn't mention that they have airbags yet I noticed these on the Suzuki and Hyundai. Why's that?
A. Airbags are a standard feature on all new cars in NZ and therefore not specially mentioned in our review.

Q. PLEASE give us more information on the Ford vs Holden showdown.
A. Keep watching - this challenge will feature throughout the series.  The drivers put the small cars to the test before moving on to the V8s

Q. Enjoyed the show last night, however was surprised to see no mention of Nissan in the list of car sales. I'll be keeping an eye out for them on your show.
A. The car sales statistics were the manufacturers top five and bottom five and Nissan didn't feature in these figures. Watch out for the Micra and Maxima - we'll be taking a look at them in future episodes.

Q. Great to see a NZ based TV show about cars. How bout coming to Whangamata to do an episode on the Beach Hop (28th April - 1 May)?
A. Unfortunately filming for series one finishes early April.

Q. Will the programme do anything on motorcycling especially with Aaron Slight on board?
A. We'd love to use Aaron in this capacity but we'll have to wait for a second series.

Q. Why wasn't Roger wearing a seatbelt while driving the Maserati?
A. Roger was most definitely wearing a seatbelt. Safety is our top priority. All our drivers always wear seatbelts.

Q. I have a wicked new Holden Crewman customised to the max. Can I send you a photo.
A. That would be great.  Follow this link for details on sending photos


  • Great show - kiwi version of Top Gear.
  • Bring back Jim Hickey!
  • Love the show guys - my wife now wants a Maserati!
  • Enjoyed the show. Great to see a show about "something".
  • It's good, local, watchable and informative - damn the critics!
  • Watched your show last night. Top effort!
  • Please send Roger on a driving course.
  • Congratulations! Best of luck to the AA Torque Show team.
  • My advice for all its worth - drop Danny and Roger but keep Emma.
  • Great to have a NZ car show - well done.