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Comparison: Cheap Cars

Suzuki Alto

Yes, the Suzuki Alto is a car, well, more a transportation device. This is, literally, the cheapest new car you can buy in our fair country and for the price you pay, it does what it needs to do with few complaints. The Suzuki lacks many of the features the consumer has come to expect in recent times, it is purely an appliance to get the owner from A to B with no fuss and certainly no frills. A fine automobile if you aren't expecting much, with surprising extras like a decent CD player and power windows, in the end the Alto's most endearing feature is by far its price.

Hyundai Getz

The Hyundai Getz is a sensible, practical, comfortable and somewhat dull best seller. Although, realistically, when do you ever see the terms "exiting" and "best seller" in the same sentence? A car for the masses, the Hyundai will dutifully ferry Mr and Mrs Average New Zealander from place to place for many years to come. A wonderful symbol of mediocrity, the car does an excellent job at being superbly average; it seems you couldn't even offend the Destiny's Church with this little blighter.

Daihatsu Charade

Although triggering fits of laughter upon sighting the AA Torque Show's Producer pulling into the lot piloting Daihatsu's shiny new Charade, it must be said the team has now come to respect, if not love, its quirky and somewhat cutesy looks. Had the Charade attended school here in New Zealand, it would have been that unfortunate kid that provided entertainment for all the other children due to its unique face and small stature. It seems those age old automotive descriptions need to once again be dragged out of the works as much as we loath to do so. How does "cute" and maybe even the dreaded "zippy" sound to you?