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Thank God You're Here

Fridays 8.30pm | TV ONE

About the show

The series is currently off-air.

Thank God You're Here is based on a simple premise; get a group of well known performers and make each walk through a door into a scene without any idea of who they are or what they're walking into.

It might be an operating theatre and a simple greeting, "Thank God you're here Doctor, the patient's ready." It may be a Roman dungeon, a boardroom, a starship or a tonight show. They only thing they can bank on is that everyone else in the scene knows who they are and that their role will be critical. The only things they can depend on are their abilities to make everything up for the next five minutes and cover their tracks as they do it.

Each cast member gets a scene and then the entire team are subjected to the final scenario.  That might be a meeting of superheroes where their superpowers need a little explaining or a wise council of chiefs where junior tribal members can't wait to hear some wise advice on a number of problems.

Thank God You're Here is about the enjoyment of watching performers pushed into the discomfort zone. It supports the adage that a brilliant mind in panic is a wonderful thing to behold.

There's no "voting out", just a celebration of the more ridiculous "stretches" by a judge who then awards a weekly winner with a view to a series final. It's a fun show that showcases a performer's versatility as well as their abilities to lie, deceive and... well... basically bull@#*!.

Here's 10 things you may not know about the show:

1. The show is performed in a purpose built studio in front of an audience of 500 people.

2. There are 6000 names on the waiting list for tickets.

3. Each show requires 5 new sets a week.

4. The Dutch version of the show is titled Fortunately You Are Present.

5. The record for number of single appearances in a series is held by Angus Sampson (seven, in series one)

6. Russia has produced more than 100 episodes.

7. We go to enormous lengths to prevent our guest performers from even seeing their wardrobe until the very last minute. Clothes are covered and, in some instances, guests blindfolded as they are dressed.

8. No guest has yet frozen, fainted or collapsed after stepping through the door (although Frank Woodley once ran from the room mid scene!)

9. The largest single costume designed was a hamburger suit. Unfortunately, it was too large to fit through the door and the performer had to be physically pushed through!

10. Due to lack of dressing room's facilities at our new studios, Shane Bourne has been given a bus to get changed in. Unfortunately, he is so tall that he has to step outside in order to put his pants on.

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