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Pakistan's Davis Cup appeal rejected

Published: 6:25AM Thursday May 02, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

  • New Zealand's Dan King-Turner (Source: Photosport)
    New Zealand's Dan King-Turner - Source: Photosport

Pakistan has had their Davis Cup appeal rejected by the International Tennis Federation.

Pakistan were disqualified from March's Davis Cup tie against New Zealand played in Yangon, Myanmar after Sri Lankan referee Ashita Ajigala ruled that the grass court had become unplayable and dangerous.

Tennis New Zealand CEO, Steve Johns commented on the decision by the ITF to stand by the decision to default the tie in favour of New Zealand.

"As per our original plans we are looking towards the Davis Cup tie in September against the Philippines with the aim of winning back up to Asia/Oceania Group I," he said in a statement.

"The appeal by Pakistan has now been heard and although not disruptive it has been in the back of our minds. However we are fully in the process of working towards September with Davis Cup captain, Alistair Hunt and others looking at all players and ways of winning in September in the Philippines."

The tie was played in Myanmar after New Zealand refused to visit Pakistan due to security concerns.