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Starhawk: PS3 Review

By's Darren Bevan

Published: 1:57PM Wednesday June 13, 2012

Starhawk PS3 Review

Released by Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS3

The latest game to be set in the future, Starhawk sees you taking on the various issues affecting a series of mining colonies on a planet far far away, as humans try to harness the power of an energy source known as Rift Energy.

As ever, though, when some form of power's involved, it soon becomes clear that those in contact with the energy are likely to lose it a little - and so the Outcasts are born, a race of savages who attack those looking to mine the Rift Energy.

And that's where you come in - you're a slightly mutated good guy called Emmett who can harness the power of the rift energy and who, as a mercenary is taken on to try and protect the outposts from the invading masses and save the various sites from Outcast overthrowers.

Using basic weapons, a sort of space motorbike and the ability to build guns, walls, armoury as you try and protect the outposts, there's certainly plenty on hand as you battle your money loving way through levels - and it's well worth your time to become engrossed in. It's a third person shooter which is a playable enough title to give up a few hours of your time as you play through the levels; you have to have some form of strategy and maybe an idea of what you want to achieve when you take on the forces piling your way. With a timer counting down to the invasion forces, you really have to have an idea of what you want to achieve with various turrets and bases - and when the pressure's on, you really don't have time to make bad decisions.

There's also a 32 player PlayStation network capability for you to take this online and it really gives the title something of an extended life.

Starhawk is a little bit Star Wars mixed with the western feel of Joss Whedon's scifi series Firefly and it's certainly playable for you to dive straight into and take on the bad guys. With some lovely graphics, smooth controls and easy enough playability, Starhawk's an entertaining enough proposition for the upcoming winter months.

Rating: 7/10