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Hundreds of copyright warnings for Dotcom's new site

Published: 11:03AM Thursday January 31, 2013 Source: ONE News

Kim Dotcom's new file sharing site, Mega has tackled 150 copyright warnings since its launch just 10 days ago.

Ira P Rothken, one of Mega and Megaupload's many attorneys, said the service has reacted promptly to notices of copyright violations "including assisting some in fixing incomplete or defective notices."

"Mega doesn't want folks to use its cloud storage services for infringing purposes," Rothken said via email to Computerworld.

Rothken said the 150 requests, which concern 250 files, came from the US as well as other countries.

Many countries including the US have so-called "safe harbour" provisions in their copyright laws, which exempts providers from liability as long as infringing content is removed.

Questions over the legalities of the site took centre stage at the launch on January 20 as Dotcom is currently facing extradition hearing back to the US over his previous website Megaupload.

Dotcom squashed speculation over Mega breaching any copyright laws and said, " Mega has been scrutinised by lawyers like no other internet start-up in history."

The month-long extradition hearing was expected to take place in March but now has been pushed to August 12.

If successful the hearing would see him sent back to the United States to face numerous internet piracy charges.