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Dotcom spy inquiry gets international attention

Published: 11:25AM Tuesday September 25, 2012 Source: ONE News

News of the unlawful spying by a New Zealand intelligence agency in the Kim Dotcom case has grabbed the attention of international news agencies.

The Prime Minister yesterday announced he had ordered an inquiry into breaches made by the Government Communications Security Bureau while it assisted police to investigate Megaupload founder Dotcom over piracy charges.

This latest development in the Dotcom case has made headlines on websites spanning all the way from the United Kingdom to Cuba.

In the UK, The Telegraph said that the "probe may deal another blow to the US case", against the "flamboyant German national", particularly considering the New Zealand court ruling in June that found the search warrants requested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to raid Dotcom's home, were illegal.

The Guardian, which has an online page devoted to news relating to Dotcom, commented that the "investigation may deal another blow to the US case".

Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal described the bugging as being "the latest setback in the case", following the decision back in June which gave Dotcom access to the evidence against him, along with the right to travel freely within New Zealand.

Yet, it was the Prensa Latina, the official state news publisher of Cuba, which is perhaps the most distant news agency to cover Key's announcement that he was to order an inquiry.

Despite all of the international attention, an internet expert says that the news of the illegal bugging is hitting the world's headlines is not a good look for New Zealand.

Vikram Kumar from Internet NZ told TV ONE's Breakfast this morning that, "this isn't the story we want overseas about doing business in New Zealand".