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Bike-riding kitty becomes internet heart-throb

Published: 5:37PM Tuesday February 05, 2013 Source: AAP

  • Juan the bike-riding cat (Source: YouTube)
    Juan the bike-riding cat - Source: YouTube

That's it - you can shut down YouTube and turn off the computer, because the internet has now officially seen it all.

A cat called "Juan" riding a bike, while wearing a tiny sombrero, may be one of the most bizarre videos seen on the web.

It's certainly one of the cutest.

As one internet user wrote: "Everything past this is invalid".

The video appears to have been shot some time ago in Asia and has recently been posted on several sites, including YouTube and LiveLeak.

It features a rather dapper tortoiseshell moggy wearing a natty little sombrero with a strap under his chin.

One website claims the cat's name is Juan.

Juan balances his front paws on little handlebars attached to the back of a bike, which is being pedalled by its owner.

When we first see Juan and his owner, their bike has stopped at a pedestrian crossing and the cat is wagging his tail slightly, as someone holding a video camera approaches and begins filming.

Juan then licks his paws and wobbles slightly, as its owner pedals away from the crossing.

As the bike moves off, Juan moves his head slightly to the right so he can get a better view of where they're heading.

The internet is well known for its love of cat videos - there's plenty out there.

But this Juan appears to be a whisker above the rest.