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Te Karere Celebrating 25 years

On Monday 2nd of February Te Karere celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

And as a birthday gift Te Karere will be extended to 30 minutes starting on the 2nd of February.

When it first went to air Te Karere was just four minutes long, and funding was just as tight.

Some of the first reporters that came from outside the Auckland region to Te Karere to work, lived in tents for three weeks. At that time, Pakeha did not want this on TV.

Founder of Te Karere Derek Fox says at first Pakeha did not like the idea of Te Karere, 'we had to force them into doing it'.

But love for the cause was never lost and Te Karere now celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Former Te Karere Producer of 18 years Moari Stafford says it is an honour for all those who strived to maintain the mana of Te Karere.

Co-Founder of Te Karere Whai Ngata says the hardest part is perhaps wading through the tapes that have the voices of the old people, not to listen to the words but to how they speak.

Te Karere is currently 15 minutes long, but as of February 2nd 2009 it will be extended to a commercial half hour. Almost one minute for each year.

Derek Fox believes the half hour will be filled. 'We could fill 24 hours if we wanted to have our own station with stories relating to Maori'.

Te Karere is renowned for its title music, sung by Hinewehi Mohi, Maori instruments by Hirini Melbourne and written by Moari Stafford.
On Monday, Te Karere will have new title music and a new set.

A sign that this era of Te Karere has passed and tomorrow rises with a new.

Former Minister of Maori Affairs Parekura Horomia

Labours Maori Affairs spokesman Parekura Horomia today congratulated Te Karere for a quarter of a centurys successful work gathering and presenting Maori news and says he is looking forward to its new bulletin.

Mr Horomia is today attending the celebrations marking Te Kareres 25 years on air and the launch of its new half-hour bulletin.

Its rare indeed for a programme to last this long and I believe its testament to the dedication and talent of the many broadcasters and reporters who have made the programme what it is over the years.

The programme has played a significant role in nuturing Maori broadcasting and te reo Maori over the years and in furthering understanding about Te Ao Maori amongst all New Zealanders, Mr Horomia said.

The establishment of Maori Television by the former Labour-led government has significantly strengthened Maori broadcasting capacity, but channels such as TVNZ which broadcasts Te Karere still have a major role to play.

Im thrilled the Te Karere bulletin has been extended and look forward to other changes being introduced by its new editor, former Te Karere political correspondent Shane Taurima.

Shane is an extremely talented journalist and broadcaster and I can personally attest to the fact that hes not afraid to take people on and tackle the hard stories! I believe Te Karere will be very well-served by its new editor, as it has by others in the past.

As Ive said before, I still believe Te Karere should be broadcast in the early evening as too many potential viewers find its screening times inaccessible.  This is a challenge I continue to look forward to TVNZ meeting, said Mr Horomia.