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Te Whenua Moemoeā

Published: 5:04PM Monday February 16, 2015

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    Manawa Mai Tāwhiti - Source: Te Karere
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    Te Raranga Whānui - Source: Te Karere
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    TÅ«ranga Ake - Source: Te Karere

Manawa Mai Tāwhiti

Year Established: 2009

Iwi: Mātā waka

Manawa Mai Tawhiti took out their regional competition last year to cinch a spot at Te Matatini.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the group not only borrows their colours from the Aboriginal flag, but also respectfully acknowledges the indigenous people of the land where they are based, the Nyungar Aboriginal People.

The notion of upholding their Māori heritage while respecting other cultures is expressed in their performances.

Te Raranga Whānui

Year Established: 2010, 2012 – competitively

Iwi: Nō ngā tōpito o te ao

Te Raranga Whānui is a Sydney-based group that was first established to keep Māori culture and language alive in those who are living abroad in Australia.

They are a relatively new group. This will be their second consecutive appearance at Te Matatini.

The group has dedicated their performance at nationals in memory of one of their most staunch supporters Keriana Whati of Ngāti Konohi who passed away in 2014.

Tūranga Ake

Year Established: 2008

Iwi: Mātāwaka

Tūranga Ake is a Brisbane-based group that has strong links to the East Coast of NZ.

For the group, kapa haka not only allows them to maintain Māori customs, values and traditions, but also strengthen family and iwi ties.

“Definitely a way for us all to come together to be one and just to share our knowledge, share our culture, and do what we love best and that’s kapa haka,” says tutor, Treyci Maynard.