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Rāpare 26 Whiringa-a-Rangi 2015

Published: 8:59PM Thursday November 26, 2015

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Maori Party announce support for RMA amendment bill - Source: Te Karere

Māori Party supports RMA bill following concessions

The Māori Party have given their support to the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill after the Government conceded to retain Sections 6 and 7 which was a bottom line for the Māori Party to ensure environment protection remains paramount in the law. But that’s not all they have got out of this deal.

Financial strife, low school roll prompts Turakina Māori Girls’ closure

Education Minister Hekia Parata says there was nothing more the ministry could do to help keep Turakina Māori Girls’ College open. Its’ been a shock for staff and students but the Presbyterian Church says it was too difficult to fix all the issues.

Glavish calls for the repatriation of Māori soldiers buried in Malaysia

An appeal has been made to reconsider repatriation of the remains of New Zealand Māori soldiers buried in Malaysia. The call comes from the president of the Māori Party Naida Glavish following the announcement made by Minister Craig Foss earlier this year that there are no plans to have those remains repatriated.

Tūhoe’s last Māori Battalion veteran Haare Nuku laid to rest

28th Māori Battalion veteran Haare Nuku has been laid to rest today. He was one of two surviving members of B Company and the last from Tūhoe. Kereama Wright attended the funeral.

Ngāti Whātua to host inaugural flower show at Takaparawha

It's confirmed, Ngāti Whātua are hosting the first international NZ Flower and Garden Show 2016 on their whenua at Takaparawha (Bastion Point). It's the first of its kind since the Ellerslie flower show moved to Christchurch in 2008. Multi-award winning designer and international judge Kate Hiller says it's the perfect venue and will be the envy of many flower show organisers.

Tāmaki Herenga Waka festival to highlight Māori culture and maritime heritage

A new annual event for Auckland has been announced to highlight and celebrate Māori culture and the maritime heritage of the city. The Auckland City Council is so keen to see the festival succeed that it's invested millions of dollars into the project.