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Räpare 14 Pipiri 2012

Published: 4:30PM Thursday June 14, 2012

Maori GP won't go back to Northland Maori health clinic
He's a popular and outspoken GP that's quit his job and says he's doing it for his people. Dr Lance O'Sullivan has resigned from Te Hauora o Te Hiku o Te Ika, a Maori health clinic in Northland, and doesn't plan on going back.

Campaign says for families to ease up on Alcohol
A campaign aimed at helping Maori make positive decisions around alcohol use was launched today in Wellington. 'Taihoa - ease up on the drink' is the message that encourages people to think about how their decisions may impact on others.

Marines and Maori veterans reminisce
Fifty Marines were in Wellington to commemorate the Americans arrival in the capital 70 years ago after the outbreak from the war in the Pacific. Back then relationships between the servicemen and Maori were strenuous, but inter-racial bridges have since been built.

Endangered eels used for dog food
Our eels are being exported overseas and utilised as dog food in other countries. As a result people are concerned because some species are on the brink of extinction.

Juniors speak up in Manu Korero regionals
The Manu Korero Regional Competitions in Auckland kicked off. The competition will be held over two days with the junior sections taking place today, and senior students tomorrow.

One change to ABs side for second Ireland test
The All Blacks have made just one change to their starting fifteen for the second test against Ireland in Christchurch this Saturday night.